International Tournament

The tournament is reserved for Minibaseball (6-9 y.o.), Under12 Baseball, and Under15 Baseball.

For the foreign teams and the Italian ones who come so far from Sala Baganza, will be our guests near the sporting center, where also we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for the athletes. Fans, friends, relatives and parents are welcome: anybody willing to follow the teams and live the Tournament fully at 100%, is free to camp at our Center with campers, trailers or tents.

Restrooms are available.

Obviously the earlier the better. Our camping space is fuller every year!

The kitchen is also opened to the public during the tournament’s days.

Luckly, every edition of the tournament had been a success. The boys have fun, and who has come to Sala Baganza once, tries in every way to come back again. But it is not easy, because we try to satisfy everyone, so that every year we try to invite different teams. And they are always too much!

The fair play and friendship atmosphere that we breath every day during the tournament is really wonderful…

What else may we say? Play Ball!