2014: Jr Parma winner in Ragazzi Cat.

Will be 36 the teams who will take part from 5th to 9 th August at the 31st edition of the International Baseball & Softball Tournament of Sala Baganza. Here’s the numbers of the event:

5 Categories: Minibaseball, Ragazzi, Ragazze, Cadetti and Cadette

8 Nations represented: Italy, Usa, Poland, Rep. San Marino, Germany, France, Russia and Holland.

8 Italian provinces represented: Parma, Ravenna, Pesaro, Gorizia, Grosseto, Treviso, Bologna and Imperia

6 Italian regions represented: Emilia Romagna, Marche, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Toscana, Veneto and Liguria

Athlets: over 650

Matches: 90

6 ballparks: Sala Baganza 1, Sala Baganza 2, Sala Baganza 3, Sala Baganza Cipressi, Collechio 1 and Collecchio 2.

Minibaseball: Sala Baganza Rangers, Sala Baganza Royal, Jr Parma.

Ragazzi: Pesaro, Sala Baganza, Jr Parma, Staranzano, Hcaw, San Marino, Collecchio, Crocetta, Jr Grosseto, Kutno.

Ragazze: Moskovia, Collecchio, Staranzano, Sanremese, Langhirano, Thunders.

Cadetti: Parma Baseball, Boston Team, Jr Parma, Ravenna Baseball, Kutno, Stuttgart Reds, Sala Baganza, Beaucarie.

Cadette: Collecchio, Selezione Toscana, Old Parma, Thunders, Sala Baganza, Moskovia, Crocetta, Blue Girls.

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