Will be the records for the flags that will fly in the sky of Sala Baganza for the Tournament scheduled from 1 to 5 August. The 34th International Youth Baseball and Softball Tournament “Ermes Fontana Trophy” in fact, will be played by 36 teams, divided into 4 categories, representing 10 countries and 3 continents, with the “landing” for the first time in the Asian continent with the participation of an Israeli team. First token of presence for an Austrian team, welcome returns of the United States of America, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Poland and Russia, as well as numerous Italian teams. But here is the list of teams:

Minibaseball: Sala Baganza (ITA), Jr Parma (ITA), Crocetta (ITA), Joudrs Praha (CZ).

Under12 Baseball: Sala Baganza “A” (ITA), Sala Baganza “B” (ITA), Collecchio (ITA), Jr Parma (ITA), Rimini 86 (ITA), Draci Brno (CZ), Team Israel (IL), Staranzano Ducks (ITA), Ravenna (ITA), Janossomorja Rascals (HU), Parma2001 (ITA), CBS Sant Boi (ES).

Under15 Baseball: Sala Baganza (ITA), Collecchio (ITA), Porta Mortara(ITA), Rimini 86 (ITA), Fortitudo Baseball (ITA), Draci Brno (CZ), Crocetta (ITA), Oltretorrente (ITA), Boston (US), Austrian (AT), Viladecans (ES), Parma Baseball (ITA).

Under16: Collecchio (ITA), Bavarian (DE), Gepardy Zory (PL), Crocetta (ITA), MOK Marino 2110 (RU), Moskovia (RU), CBS Sant Boi (ES), Joudra Praha (CZ).